People on mdma

Why do people take ecstasy, Molly, MDMA?

Respondents reported using MDMA in the past year. Share.

Skip to Main Content Area. Share: Among the general population, MDMA use is not very common. According to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, only 0.3 percent of people.

A significant portion of this drugs use, especially among young people, takes place in nightlife and festival settings. Nearly 80,000 young adults around the world who use drugs were surveyed for the.

Four percent of young adults ages 18-25 reported using MDMA in the past year (compared to 31.6 percent using marijuana and 76.8 percent using alcohol and just 0.9 percent reported using it.

According to the annual. Monitoring the Future survey, approximately one percent of college students and other young adults ages 19-28 reported using MDMA in the past month (compared to 21.6 percent using.

The statistics for young people break down like this: Among young people ages 12-17, just 0.2 percent reported using MDMA in the past month (compared to 7 percent using marijuana and 11.6.

Among this sample over 50 percent of whom reported going clubbing at least four times per year MDMA was in the top five drugs used in the past year. More than 20.

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